Dr. Tegan R. Bratcher

Research Articles

July 2022

Code-Switching Candidates: Strategic Communication, Podcasts, and Cultural and Racial Politics

While agenda building and framing are commonly examined in the strategic communication literature, the concept of code-switching remains underexplored in the field. Similarly, the incredible rise of podcasting remains less examined as a strategic communication tool. Bridging these gaps, this study qualitatively examined U.S. presidential candidate interviews on podcasts during the 2020 primary cycle.

Purses, Pencil Skirts, and Podcasts: A Content Analysis of Fashion Brand PR

Many public relations scholars have studied the impact of social media and new media in public relations campaigns. Those studies, however, emphasize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and other online text-based sites.

February 2021
December 2022

Toward A Deeper Discussion: A Survey Analysis of Podcasts and Personalized Politics

Using online survey data from a large southeastern university (N = 762) this study examined young adult’s interest in podcasts, podcast use, and personalized politics. The results of this study showed that individuals reported using podcasts as information environments. 

Classes Taught

  • New Media & PR (Grad Seminar)
  • Introduction to Public Relations
  • Media & Society
  • Race in the Media
  • Podcasting 101: Making a Podcast
  • Media Ethics
  • Principles of Advertising & Public Relations